How to Join & Membership Benefits

There are two types of membership
– Regular and Associate.

Regular Membership:
1. You must be a licensed Enrolled Agent.
2. You must belong to the National Association of Enrolled Agents.
3. You must belong to the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents.
4. You must make a separate application to the Manasota Chapter.
Click Here for Application to Print

Associate Membership:
1. You only need to make an application to the Manasota Chapter.
2. Enrolled Agents may not join as Associate Members.


What are the benefits of joining the Manasota Chapter?

1.  Quality education at affordable prices – we not only try to keep prices down, but we have a voucher system which allows you to reduce your costs even further, or in some cases gives you a refund towards NCPE sponsored events.

2.  Helps you build a powerful network of colleagues to help in those situations where another professional opinion is needed, or you need to make a referral to a client, and want to be sure that the referral is good quality.

3.  Become a part of our Web Page. All members’ names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and email addresses are part of our member directory.

These are the main benefits of membership, but we can’t forget our annual holiday bash and the April de-stressing party, which help us keep our sanity!

Other Places to Join
To Join NAEA:
To Join FSEA: